Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Citrix Systems, Inc. (CTXS)

1. LONG the week of 4.21.03 at $17.84 with my stop at $12.02. Slowly traded up to $27.86 the week of 10.13.03, then fell back to around $20 at the end of the year, and finally dropped below my $19.68 stop the week of 2.9.04. Gain of 9.1%

2. Reversed to SHORT the week of 2.9.04 at $19.47 with a $25.34 stop. Traded sideways in a super tight $19-21 range through the spring before falling to $15.02 in mid-August. From there it rebounded and steadily traded up and through my $19.66 stop the week of 10.4.04. Loss of -3.9%

3. Reversed to LONG the week of 10.4.04 at $20.22 with a $15.71 stop. Continued to trade in a range between $20-25 for the next year, but finally began to show some life in late-2005, eventually reaching a high of $45.50 the week of 5.8.06. It slipped back a little to around $40 in late June, then immediately plunged below my stop at $34.74 the week of 7.10.06. Gain of 71.6%

4. Reversed to SHORT the week of 7.10.06 at $34.70 with a stop at $44.47. Drifted down for the rest of 2006, its low of $26.01 coming the first week of 2007, then it slowly clawed its way back up, eventually reaching my $32.96 stop the week of 4.2.07. Gain of 3.4%

5. Reversed to LONG the week of 4.2.07 at $33.51 with a $27.73 stop. Following its usual pattern, it slowly but surely traded up to a high price $43.90 in October. then retraced its steps back down to my $35.89 stop the week of 1.7.08. Gain of 3.2%
6. Reversed to SHORT the week of 1.7.08 at $34.59 with my $42.34 stop. Rangebound between $30-35 all the way into late August, it finally began to feel the effects of the financial crisis in September, falling to a low of $19.00 the week of 10.6.08. But it really didn't get hit as hard as a lot of other stocks in the panic, and it wasn't nearly as volatile, so it didn't have to move up too far to meet my $27.44 stop the week of 4.27.09. Gain of 20.5%

7. Reversed to LONG the week of 4.27.09 at $27.51 with $19.55 for a stop. This time it began moving right away, reaching $40 before the end of 2009 and $70 by the end of 2010. From a high of $73.99 earlier this month I think it has held up very well through the recent volatility, closing last week well above its $58.55 stop at $70.14. Gain of 155.0%

Winning Trades: 6 | 85.7% | $11.35/share avg.
Losing Trades: 1 | 14.3% | -$0.75/share avg.
Average Trade: Gain of 37.0% | $9.62/share

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