Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Boeing Co. (BA)

1. LONG the week of 6.2.03 at $29.59 with a $23.72 stop. Traded as high as $79.94 the week of 5.8.06, then drifted down over the summer, eventually dropping below my $66.84 stop the week of 9.5.06. Gain of 120.4%

2. Reversed to SHORT the week of 9.5.06 at $65.22 with a stop at $76.96. Briefly traded down to $64.62 the following week, then took off again, flying up and over my $75.49 stop the week of 11.6.06. Loss of -18.0%

3. Reversed to LONG the week of 11.6.06 at $76.98 with my stop set at $65.37. Traded in a tight range around $80 into March, then quickly moved up and over $90 in May, reaching a high of $97.68 the week of 7.23.07. But it ran out of gas and slowly traded down past my $82.47 stop the week of 12.10.07. Gain of 4.8%

4. Reversed to SHORT the week of 12.10.07 at $80.66 with a $94.79 stop. Quickly traded down to $65.63 the second week of March 2008, then rebounded in a flash and when it closed the week of 5.12.08 at $78.44 it was within $1.11 of my $79.55 stop. But I didn't get reversed to long, and the stock soon began to slide with the rest of the market as the financial crisis heated up over the summer, eventually hitting a low of $27.40 the first week of March 2008. From there it bounced back up and over my $39.47 stop the week of 5.4.09. Gain of 45.9%

5. Reversed to LONG the week of 5.4.09 at $43.65 with a $32.10 stop. By the first week of June it was already trading above $50, but it didn't move far from there for rest of the year. It finally broke out again in early 2010 and eventually reached a high of $74.29 in the middle of February 2011. Since then it has backed off a little, closing last week at $69.10. The stop has moved up to $63.94. Gain of 58.3%

Winning Trades: 4 | 80.0% | $25.44/share avg.
Losing Trades: 1 | 20.0% | -$11.76/share avg.
Average Trade: Gain of 42.3% | $18.00/share

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